Encrypt Ventures Launches Fine Art Investment Platform

Oud Gastel, Netherlands, 24.9.2020 – Encrypt Ventures was founded with a simple principle: fine art as an asset class should be accessible to everyone, and more dynamic for trading. There are multiple barriers in the fine art market that prevent trading at lower budget levels and with more accessiblity and transparency. So for numerous historical and technological reasons, fine art has remained illiquid and opaque. Ordinary investors have been cut out of a lucrative way to diversify their portfolio and grow their investments. So lucrative in fact, that the Wall Street Journal has found fine art to be one of the best performing investments globally in 2018.

Of course, one could invest in a privately owned art fund that operates as an equity mutual fund. But the success of these depends on the skills of the investment manager, and is coupled to substantial commission and management fees. For a real transformation of the art market, innovation is needed at every step of the investment process. With this in mind, consider the possibility of purchasing fractional shares of a masterpiece in a transparent environment with secured provenance and incorruptible record of your ownership position.

Encrypt Ventures is turning this possibility into reality. We are modernising the fine art market. Our blockchain-based platform means investing is no longer limited to ultra-high net worth individuals who operate in a space with little transparency. As a European fintech and investment management firm, we offer a solution that opens the fine art market to a wider audience while making transactions faster, more transparent and cost-effective. Our offerings create a more fair and transparent marketplace and eliminate worries about provenance and security.

Of course, the technology is only half of the story. As much as we are innovators in investment technologies, we are art lovers and experts with over 25 years of trading in the fine art market. It is this unique combination of experience and insights that allows us to create secure and well-informed offerings. The artworks that will be available through Encrypt Ventures have been selected by our expert team with secured provenance and investment potential in mind. With Encrypt Ventures, investors become part of global community with the new opportunity to buy fractional shares of investment-grade art that would normally only be traded at global auction houses.

At Encrypt Ventures, we are excited to offer such a special opportunity to a global community of investors. With our first token we are building a platform that will continue to grow with future fine art token offerings by Encrypt Ventures. We aim to be a leading issuer of tokenized fine art. Join us as a pioneer in blockchain investments.