How investing with Encrypt Ventures works

The Digital Platform for Investing in Art

Encrypt Ventures is a European platform for investing in shares of high-value paintings and artworks. Grow your portfolio with iconic works of art offered on our digital marketplace.

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How we create value

We select and acquire the art

Our expert team selects artists that have the most momentum and purchases the best paintings at attractive prices to offer on our platform.

We create digital shares of the art

Based on blockchain technology, we create shares representing the painting. Your investment is 100% backed by the physical asset.

We hold the art for up to 5 years

During this time we constantly evaluate the market until we sell the painting and you receive your share of the profit.

Digital Investment Portfolio

With our digital platform you can view, buy and sell shares in one place. For each artwork in our marketplace we provide transparent background and market data.
You can now invest in fine art on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Invest in art from any device, anywhere with Encrypt Ventures
Easy to use online platform
Invest in a few clicks
Transparent background data

Reduced Risk with Tangible Assets

The art market has very little correlation to other assets and is predicted to double in the next 10 years. In times of inflation and uncertainty around currencies and cryptos, we believe that fine art plays a key role in diversifying your portfolio.

When you buy shares on our platform, you can be sure that your investment is 100% backed by the physical artwork.

Secure Art Investment Platform
Attractive historical price appreciation
Little to no correlation to other assets
Good hedge against inflation
100% backed by physical artwork

Tax-free Storage in Switzerland

All artworks are placed in a dedicated duty-free art storage facility in Switzerland to suspend import sales tax, enabling a higher return for our investors.

We also offer our clients the unique opportunity to view paintings in which they have invested on site and by appointment.

Art storage in Switzerland
Tax-exempt art storage
Perfect storage conditions
On site viewings (by appointment)

How it works

Start Investing in 5 Easy Steps

You can start investing in fine art in five easy steps. The process is fully digital and securely encrypted through our investment platform.

Create your account
Register Online

Register for free and enter your details by visiting our investment platform. Your personal details such as name, address and email address are required for verification. Once you have completed the registration, we will email you a confirmation.

Select Artwork & Shares

Afer your registration you will enter our investor dashboard, where you can select the painting you want to invest in and the amount of shares you want to purchase.

Choose Payment Method

Next you will have the option to choose your preferred payment method for your transaction.

You have the choice to select between PayPal, credit card, bank transfer and more.

Verify Identity & Purchase

Once you complete the purchase, we will check your personal and investor data to verify the information you provided, your suitability as investor for our offerings, and to ensure that legal requirements are met.

Receive Shares

With the successful verification of your purchase, your shares will be added to your digital safe. The digital safe was set up automatically when you registered and is accessible through our investor dashboard, where you will also find detailed reports and all legal documents concerning your investment.

Management fees

Our annual management fee covers admin and legal costs, professional art storage, insurance, research and appraisals. The fee is paid in the form of equity.

annual fee

Please read the terms and conditions and supporting documents of each offering to understand the investment and fee structure and potential future profits before investing.

Tutorial Videos

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Investing in art has never been easier

“The global art market is rapidly creating new opportunities at the intersection of art and finance. As the population of high-net-worth individuals grows and the art market matures, there will be an increase in demand for financial innovation.”
Deloitte, Art & Finance Report 2019
Avg. annual returns

Start benefiting from the art market's price appreciation

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Art Investment

Are you looking for a way to diversify your investment portfolio in times of inflation and volatile markets?

Download our guide to explore how fractional ownership of multi-million artworks can contribute to a stable portfolio and learn the basics you need to start investing in the lucrative art market.

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