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Investing in Fine Art

The fine art market is a reliable store of value, having historically outperformed other asset classes. It is a 54 billion EUR market projected to double in the next 10 years.

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The Fine Art Market
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The art market has long been an exclusive circle for a well-connected collectors. But particularly in recent years, financial analysts have found fine art to be one of the most promising investment opportunities for a diversified and stable portfolio.

As data from Artprice shows, fine art has historically outperformed other assets and stock indices like the S&P 500. Art prices also have little to no correlation to other asset classes and economic downturns.

This holds true particularly for the top 500 artists in the world. These most sought-after artists are seeing the best price returns in the market and a growing global demand, especially in Asia. Auction results show that the profitablity rises with the value of the artworks, with the average annual return of artworks with a value over 200.000 EUR sitting between 7.6% and 8.2%.
Naturally, Encrypt Ventures focuses exclusively on this top 500 market. Our recent acquisitions have all been artworks from the Old Masters (Europes most recognized artists working between the Renaissance and 1800).

This segment is not only attractive for museums, collectors and enthusiasts. The demand for the Old Masters is continuously growing while there is a relative scarcity of artworks available on the market.

Some paintings in this segment have seen the highest short term capital gains in the art market, with price increases of over 200% in one year for selected artworks.

Superior Performance

Strong historical performance has proven that the art market can deliver impressive price appreciation in the long-term. Particularly the leading Artprice 100® Index has seen an annual price appreciation rate of 8.9%, compared to 3.4% for the S&P 500.

Unrivalled Stability

Economic research concludes that there is a relative lack of correlaction between art prices and other asset classes and economic downturns. As a result, financial analysts have found that adding fine art to a diverse portfolio decreases the amount of risk.

Art Investment

Are you looking for a way to diversify your investment portfolio in times of inflation and volatile markets?

Download our guide to explore how fractional ownership of multi-million artworks can contribute to a stable portfolio and learn the basics you need to start investing in the lucrative art market.

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“The global art market is rapidly creating new opportunities at the intersection of art and finance. As the population of high-net-worth individuals grows and the art market matures, there will be an increase in demand for financial innovation.”

Deloitte, Art & Finance Report 2019